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Events and new entertainment programs at Kronplatz 2021

Upcoming events:
• 27.06 Red Bull X-Alps
• 08.07 – 03.08 Touring exhibition AlpFrontTrail
• 16.07 & 06.08 Kronplatz by Night
• 25.07 Ludovico Einaudi concert on the top of Kronplatz
• 01.08 & 22.08 Summit meeting with Reinhold Messner
• 28.08 KronplatzKing
• 18.09 – 19.09 Yogadays South Tyrol

For families and children there are the following new activity programs:

Adventure world Little Kronplatz
At Little Kronplatz, kids can find out how a ski station works in a fun
and playful way and from a young age. Kids for example can climb into and explore the inside of a snow
cat or operate a snow cannon that blows soap bubbles. But the highlights of the adventure park are no
doubt the climbable lift mast, the miniature Concordia bell and the summer tubing track that promises
adrenaline and fun galore on its air-cushioned tyres. The Little Kronplatz fun park is located right next to
the Ried-/Gipfelbahn lift on the peak plateau.

Kronplatz treasure hunt
On a custom-made treasure hunt, children can dive deep into colourful tales
of the Dolomites in times long gone: Legend has it that Dolasilla, the famous warrior and daughter of
the king of the Fanes Empire, was crowned right there on Mount Kronplatz. The quest begins at the
Concordia 2000 peace bell and ends at its miniature version in the Little Kronplatz adventure park. The
aim is to collect a total of nine letters from nine stations, spell out the solution and pick up a reward.
Those who’ve successfully discovered all the letters have also had a chance to marvel at some
impressive sights at the top of Mount Kronplatz.

Wood ball track Kronplatz
To up the entertainment factor for children and families alike, Kronplatz
now features its very own marble racing course: On an almost 40 m downhill stretch, a wood-carved
rolling ball sculpture leads from the Olang 1+2 mountain station all the way to the entrance of the Kron
restaurant. It’s heaps of kiddie fun to watch the marbles make their way down the track, negotiating
curves and all sorts of different obstacles. A matching set of beech wood balls that double as a perfect
souvenir to take home can be purchased on site. There are three pretty designs to choose from: the
rooster Giggo – the Kronplatz logo –, the Concordia 2000 bell and the outline of Mount Kronplatz. Plus,
marble racing pros who’ve picked up all three designs are in for a little surprise at the Kron restaurant.

A top attraction for sports lovers who’d like to combine exercise with awe-inspiring landscapes and
fascinating culture is the Concordia 360° trail, which leads around the summit plateau on a 360°
panoramic hike. The circular hike pays tribute to these grand vistas by directing the eye to the unique
geological features of the surroundings: the Dolomites in the south and the main ridge of the Central Alps to
the north. The trail is dotted with viewpoints designed and skilfully staged by local artist Helmuth Pizzinini,
highlighting the jaw-dropping uniqueness of the landscape.
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